Marth Manufacturing Inc

Manufacturing plant producing wood flour.

Wood flour is used as the chief base ingredient for composite materials, and is a natural alternative to synthetic fillers. Uses include:

  • Animal Feed Fillers
  • Plastic Fillers
  • Oil and Water Solidification
  • Toilet Seats
  • Decking
  • Marina Products
  • Automotive Components        

Marth Wood Shavings produces wood flour made from finely pulverized dried wood, prepared to your custom specifications. Our proprietary process allows us to consistently blend accurately to your specifications every time. We primarily process maple and pine, but always consider testing and serving our customers with other feasible options.

Marth Wood Shavings can work with you to create your custom blend of materials and particle distribution.

Hours of Operation:  Varies.  Due to nature of business, not open to the public

Located in the Athens Industrial Park on Park View Lane.

Marth Headquarters:
6752 State Hwy 107 North
Marathon, WI  54448

Contact:  Julie Kuehn or Jerry Natzke
Phone:  715-842-9200
Email: or