Building Permits

The Village's Zoning Administrator is responsible for issuing permits and enforcing the zoning code. 

Anyone planning on building a new house or structure, remodeling or doing alterations with a value of $1,000 or more needs to obtain a building permit.  (Even if you do your own labor, you must include at least a minimum labor cost along with the material cost to calculate the project cost).  No work should proceed until the permit has been issued.  

Construction must begin within 6 months AND be completed within 18 months from the date the permit is issued.   Failure to do so will void the permit.  Projects not having permits displayed for public view, or without permits, can be halted by the inspector or the Police Department.



New Home---1,500 square feet or less                 $350.00

New Home---2,500 square feet or less                 $400.00

New Home---2,500 square feet or more               $450.00

Mobile/Manufactured  Homes                             $300.00 

Multi-Family Homes                                           $200.00 

Commercial Buildings                                         $300.00

Residential Additions/Garages                             $100.00

Residential Detached Garages                             $ 100.00

Commercial & Residential Repairs:                      $ 25.00

Including:  Siding, Windows, Fences, Pools, Hot Tubs, signs, decks,

Sheds, porches, gazebos, Awnings, Canopies, Fuel Tanks, Permanent Satellite Dishes, and Roofing

Moving Building                                                  $ 50.00

Trailers moving into Trailer Park.                        $ 30.00

Driveway Permit.                                                $ 15.00

Re-inspection Fee                                                $ 25.00
Building Without a Village Permit                  Double Fees


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