Spring Cleanup



The annual Spring Clean Up day for the Village of Athens will be on FRIDAY, MAY 10th.  This is for Village Residents who pay a monthly garbage bill ONLY!

New Rules this year:   

Pickup is limited to 3 large items (couch, cabinet, etc.) or 2 cubic yards (roughly a pile 4’x4’x6’) 


List of Unacceptable Trash Materials (Please not this is not a comprehensive list, but it covers the majority of item categories) 
Batteries, Household or Industrial Waste, Major Appliances, Hazardous Waste, Electronics, Asbestos, Televisions, Machinery, Radios, Tires, Cell Phones, Compost, Computers, Auto Parts, Computer Accessories, Ashes or Hot Materials, Waste Oil, Ballasts, Fluorescent Lightbulbs, Construction Material, Drywall, and Concrete 



On SATURDAY, MAY 11TH, from 8am-2pm, at Memorial Park, the following will be collected at no charge:
Washer, dryers, dishwasher, kitchen stoves, furnaces, snowblowers, water heaters, cast iron sinks and tubs, lawn mowers (push and riders), small appliances, microwaves, grills, pots and pans, batteries (lawn mower, car, tractor, semi), Game systems, swing sets, bed frames, copper pipes, copper wire, cast iron sewer pipe, anything with power cord, satellite round dishes, car metal parts such as brake rotors, hoods, brake calipers, aluminum or steel rims (no plastic parts), metal shelving, filing cabinets, metal toolboxes, brass.  

The following will have the following collection charges:

Refrigerators/Freezers:  $30

Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers: $5
TVs: Flat Screen $20
        Tube $25
        Plasma/Projector/Console:  $40

Computer Monitors:  $10


Please call/text Chad Pecher (715-574-9867 after 2pm) with specific questions regarding Saturday’s collection.